What is Overclocking and how it is done

What is Overclocking a CPU and how it is done!

What is Overclocking and how it is done A closed loop water cooling system at work
A closed loop water cooling system at work

What is Overclocking:

Every CPU or GPU comes with a clock speed, say 1.25 GHz. This clock speed indicates how many cycles that component can perform per second. The more cycles the better because more work is done. Overclocking is simple and free way of increasing the speed of PC. For GPU’s overclocking is simple. It could be done using softwares like MSI AfterBurner. For CPU it’s a lot harder. CPU overclocking could be done using BIOS(Basic input/ output system). Overclocking CPU is basically messing with frequency & voltage until you find a nice balance where nothing crashes at all. Now, Is overclocking worth it!

Well, that’s really your decision. It depends person by person. Here are some pros & cons of overclocking.


  • Speed: You are getting high frequency which is more cycles per second which equates to faster render times in video editing and more fps(frames per second) in games which are both really good things


  • Heat: When we increase voltage or frequency, we generate more heat. Generating more heat requires cooling but also decreases the life span of the component. 

In conclusion overclocking is not for everybody. If you need what you are already getting then it is not worth it. Like if your PC is able to push game fps to a 60fps then it is not worth it because it is already doing it’s work.

But for budget builds or builds that don’t has the higher end parts it’s a really useful feature because you could get more performance by not spending any more money. 

For a detailed info of how to overclock any CPU step by step see this:

How to Overclock CPU(Step-by-Step)

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