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Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android (2017)

watch Here are the top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android to step up your photography game. Apps are ranked according to their UI, how fast they process images and number of features they provide.

#5 Toolwiz Photos – Pro Editor


Toolwiz Photos is a great app if you want to edit your pictures on the go. With many filters like double exposure, this is an advanced app yet easy to use. But this app doesn’t provide you the flexibility that other apps provide. 

see Key Features of this App:

Link to the App: ToolWiz Photos- Pro Editor

#4 Pixlr


Pixlr is an app for everyone, whether you have never edited a picture or are a pro. – Says Pixlr

And yes indeed they are true. Pixlr provides as basic features as Auto Fix, Cropping etc to AdvancedFeatures like Color Curves, Histogram, Eye Correction, Overlays and Masks.

go site Key Features of this App:

Link to the App: Pixlr

#3 PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage


PicsArt is probably the best app out to make Collages. It’s Magic Effects Feature is stunning and of a kind(somewhat like Prisma). You could also make your own Stickers with Make Stickers feature.

Key features of this app:

  •  Free Stickers, CLIPART & Sticker Maker
  •  Photo Remix
  •  Edit With Friends – Remix Chat
  •  Contest and Photo Challenges 

Link to the App: PicsArt

#2 PhotoDirector Photo Editor


PhotoDirector gives you the flexibility to play with the colors using RGB Curves and HSL adjustment tools. It’s Magic Object removal tool is a real magic to remove unnecessary elements from your picture.

Key Features of this App:

  •   Intelligently remove objects from photographs
  •   Easy to Add HDR, photo effects & layer editing
  •   Save images in Ultra HD 4K resolution(Premium)
  •   Camera Module with Live Effects

Link to the App: PhotoDirector

#1 Snapseed – Google Inc.


This is probably the best app out there for pro photo editors who wants to edit the picture on the go yet looking highly professional. It’s elegant UI is the blend of simplicity and complication. From starting it could be a bit confusing. But after getting hands on it, there is no looking back. It’s Selective feature is one of the best to enhance the particular portion of image. You could adjust brightness, contrast and saturation using Selective. It provides a bunch of filters like Grainy Film, HDR Scape, Vintage and many more. It HDR image processing is best in the class. 

Key Features of this App:

  •    Tune Image
  •    Brush
  •    Healing – remove the uninvited neighbour from a group picture
  •    Tonal Contrast – boost details selectively in the shadows, midtones and highlights
  •    HDR Scape
  •    Face Enhance- add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin

Link to the App: Snapseed


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